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Mold & Dust Mites love humid basements!

When the Relative Humidity levels in your basement are at or above 60%, the perfect environment for mold and dust mites to thrive is created. 

Even if you don’t see it, that typical musty basement smell actually indicates the presence of mold. Dust mites are equally invisible. Their airborne droppings, alongside mold spores, can pose a threat to your home’s air quality.

According to the CDC, there are two major causes of indoor allergies; dust mite droppings and mold spores. A common misconception is that these particles will stay confined to the basement. However, in a common American household, air naturally rises from the lower levels of the building and escapes upwards. That means that at any given time, roughly a third of the air you breathe is air that has been drafted upwards from the basement. 

Get rid of smells and allergens by getting rid of moisture!

There are three things that allow mold and dust mites to grow: warmth, organic matter (such as household dust), and moisture. Of those three, there is only one you can fully and successfully control: moisture levels. 

To control moisture levels, you will need to be running a good basement dehumidifier, which will keep Relative Humidity Levels (RHL) under 60%. That will cause any existing mold and dust mites to dry out and stop releasing droppings and spores and will filter any impurities out of the air. As a result, you will have a fresh smelling and Healthy Basement. 

Healthy Basement Certificate Level 5

WiseAire 100. The mold & moisture buster. 

The WiseAire 100 is the ultimate dehumidification system for your basement. It is a superior alternative to generic hardware store models because it is specifically designed to work in basement environments. This system monitors relative humidity, or RH, levels and runs automatically as needed.  It removes up to 100 pints of water per day, and you will never have to empty a dehumidifier tray. The WiseAire 100 has an intelligently designed system that self-empties into the sump pit. In addition, the system is energy efficient, which will help you save money. 

  • Removes up to 100 pints of water per day.
  • Powerful dehumidification for basements up to 3200 sq. ft.
  • Energy Efficient. Save up to $193 yearly on your electric bills versus using a portable dehumidifier.
  • Low Maintenance. Operates automatically and self-drains into a sump pit.
  • Impressive 5-Year Warranty!

Healthy Basement & Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

The Healthy Basement and Crawl Space Certificates were created using specific sets of criteria to provide a healthy indoor living environment. Air pollutants and excessive moisture levels in the basement or crawl space can negatively impact the odors in the home as well as cause health problems with those who live there year-round - including yourself!

We offer 6 levels of Healthy Basement Certificate, and 5 levels Healthy Crawl Space Certificate, each designed to solve specific problems and protect your home, family, and property value on the long run.

Steps towards a healthy basement and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

Steps towards a healthy crawl space and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

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